I have a client who needs copies of 1099-MISC forms they were issued over the last several years. Obviously they should have kept copies but they didn't.

Do I request the forms on 4506?

If yes, do I need to request form 1096 also?

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A wage and income transcript will show 1099's issued as long as they were indeed issued.

It is very easy to get this thru e-services.

Helen, EA in PA


answered 13 Nov '09, 12:28

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If you don't have access to e-services, you have two other choices:

1) Call the Practitioners Priority Service 866-860-4259 To get the transcripts, you will need to have a valid power of attorney - Form 2848. You will need to be a Circular 230 practitioner - EA, CPA, attorney, etc. Or you will need the client present with you on the phone call.


2) Form 4506-T will get you everything you need. http://www.irs.ustreas.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4506t.pdf

You can put four years on each form. If you need more years, fill out more forms and send them in together.

The more recent years will arrive soonest. The older years may take a few weeks.

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answered 13 Nov '09, 15:04

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There are a few ways you can get these:

1 - have the recipient contact the issuer and ask for copies; 2 - have the recipient walk in to the local IRS office and ask them to run a "Wage and Income Transcript" for his account for the years in question. Most IRS offices will run this for a taxpayer on the spot; or 3 - get a Power of Attorney in place and either request the transcript yourself in writing - which will take 4 to 6 weeks to get - OR go online via IRS e-services and get the transcript immediately.

BE ADVISED - ONLY tax professinals can open an IRS e-Services account. If you're a tax pro and don't have an e-Services account you should get one right away. BUT it will take several weeks since the verification process done by snail mail - you sign up and they mail you access info. So if you don't already have an e-services account the fastest way is to have the taxpayer go the local IRS office.


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I am also a fan of IRS eServices, Practitioner Priority Service, and the local IRS office. These are the fastest ways to get the necessary information to help your clients. I rarely go for the Form 4506-T and the Snail Mail option, because they can take so long - 4 to 6 weeks.


answered 16 Nov '09, 01:43

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It's not clear from the question if the client wants copies of 1099 forms issued to him, or those that he issued to others.

However, because the question mentions the 1096, I'm guessing that the client needs copies of forms he issued to others. I don't think 4506-T or e-Services will work in that case. I would get a POA from the client and start with the Business & Specialty Tax Line (800-829-4933).


answered 08 Jun '10, 12:42

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